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Privacy Policy.

The address of Artline Solutions, S.L. since its inception has considered information security as a key and strategic factor for the provision of technological services associated with the development of audiovisual and educational projects, therefore it has decided to implement and certify an information security management system for these services, based on the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

  • Protecting information assets against loss of availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and those established by our clients.
  • Meeting business requirements regarding information security and information systems.
  • Training and raising awareness of all staff in maintaining the basic principles that support information security management.
  • Periodically and permanently reviewing the degree of compliance and implementation of the information security management system, as well as continuously improving its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Establishing, reviewing, and updating measurable and business-consistent information security objectives, as well as measuring and periodically evaluating performance.
  • Proper management of security incidents, including communication and handling, to enhance the system’s effectiveness.
  • Raising awareness among staff about the need to comply with information security requirements in their work and the importance of their active participation in achieving planned achievements and objectives.

It is the responsibility of all staff at Artline Solutions, S.L. to know, understand, and respect the content and principles included in this security policy.
This Security Policy is available on the Artline Solutions, S.L. intranet, as well as on the website for public knowledge of interested parties.

This policy has been approved by the management of Artline Solutions, S.L. and will be reviewed annually.

Date: 17/05/2024

CTO Artline Solutions S.L.