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Artline is the leading company in the production of high-quality e-learning content, focused on helping corporations, training consultancies and business schools to train their employees, clients or students through personalized solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project

Artline Team

Santiago López-Urrutia Lorente


My role is to lead the global strategy and ensure that we provide high-quality and accessible developments to anyone, anywhere in the world. My goal is to make a significant impact in education and help our clients succeed in an increasingly complex world. To achieve this, I seek to create communication that is accessible, effective, and authentic for everyone.

Federico Auñon Petrelli


I lead our education platform to facilitate user learning and progress tracking, customizing content based on the student’s level and interests, with access to multimedia materials and interactive resources, a progress tracking and evaluation system, all with an intuitive and easy-to-use design, efficient technical support, and periodic updates that enhance the learning experience.


There are many ways to train. Choose how you want to do it. With a team of professionals focused on designing training courses adapted to all devices and based on creativity and usability. Through the use of different techniques and methodologies, as well as effective instructional scripts, we ensure that users can assimilate knowledge. In addition, we apply our programming knowledge to adapt to any training platform to provide a complete learning experience


We create audiovisual content to convey your message.

Whatever you want to convey, we do it. We offer personalized solutions for brand image creation, corporate or advertising videos, 3D simulations or virtual reality content that will allow you to take your marketing strategy to the next level

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