Artline Team

Santiago López-Urrutia Lorente


My role is to lead the global strategy and ensure that we provide high-quality and accessible developments to anyone, anywhere in the world. My goal is to make a significant impact in education and help our clients succeed in an increasingly complex world. To achieve this, I seek to create communication that is accessible, effective, and authentic for everyone.

Federico Auñon Petrelli


I lead our education platform to facilitate user learning and progress tracking, customizing content based on the student’s level and interests, with access to multimedia materials and interactive resources, a progress tracking and evaluation system, all with an intuitive and easy-to-use design, efficient technical support, and periodic updates that enhance the learning experience.

Victor Valdés


Aleix Gimeno

Business Developer & Staff Prompt Engineer

Amparo Coto

QA Manager

Pablo Expósito

Virtual Reality Game Development

Gabriel García

3D Generalist and Virtual Reality

Pablo Castilla

Video Producer

Raúl Fernández

E-Learning, Front-end y Back-end

Daniel Muñóz

Front-end Developer

Enol Martinez

Senior Graphic Designer and Motion/Games Head

David Zabaleta

E-learning, Web and Multimedia Developer

Sigrid Chánobas

Copywriter and Graphic Designer

Andrés Cabrera

Senior 3D Artist

Unai Mendizabal

E-Learning, Front-end y Back-end

Verónica Onís

Senior Graphic Designer

Fabrizio Arcardini

Motion Graphic Designer

Enol Obeso

Motion Graphic Designer